Art Workshops and Classes

Art Workshops and Classes

February 2, 2024 By 2 Workshops

Are you an art dabbler, an art dreamer or a past art maker? What are you waiting for?  2024 is definitely the time for you to take up new art challenges! If you have always dreamed of learning to draw but need to get started with the right instruction and guidance then here are my Art Classes to start the year off. Perhaps you put down your pencil or brush 20 years ago and have been promising yourself that once you ‘have the time’ you will pick them back up again. Or maybe you are currently engaged in your art – be it oil painting, watercolours, printmaking or mixed media. No matter what you preference we can all benefit from expanding our drawing skills. Drawing underpins every mark you make, and feeling confident about those marks will greatly improve your finished artwork no matter what the art medium you use.

I am based in Albany WA, with a delightful studio to work from. I produce workshops for groups including travelling to other regional areas to conduct art workshops. If you are already part of an arts group or community in your area, then please contact me to discuss how we can get together to inspire and motivate your artists.

New courses for 2024 are announced generally on my facebook page and will include drawing and printmaking classes. Please Contact me if you would like more information or would like to enroll.

2 Comments on "Art Workshops and Classes"

  1. Chris Gillan
    May 18, 2021 Reply

    Love your handmade books..
    Any more classes coming up????

    • Merry Robertson
      May 18, 2021 Reply

      Hi Chris. Thanks you for your comment. What would you like to know about art classes? You would need to be based in the Albany West Australia location to attend them. Please let me know if this is your intent. Cheers... Merry

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