The Wambenger flees

This artwork has been created by ‘rusting’ a handmade fibre paper with a variety of treatments. The image of the Red Tailed Phascogale (Wambenger) has been created with a linocut, while the Haiku poem tells the story of the imminent danger of an approaching bushfire. There is a glaze over the top which deepens the colours.

The Red Tailed Phascogale is found in South Western Australia and is currently an endangered species.  The photo I have worked from here was provided by Meri Spencer, from Great Southern Bio Logic. The phascogale is amazingly agile and was running vertically down the tree at the time. This artwork fits into an A4 frame but is actually a little larger for custom framing. It can be hung either portrait or landscape style.

Size    A4 or a little larger

Price  $150 unframed