The Struggles of Banksia Montana 1

This artwork has been created by firstly ‘rusting’ the paper to create a background indicative of an Australian landscape caught in a bushfire. It has then been further rendered in coloured pencil to bring out the tree shapes that have been created as part of the rusting process. The lino cut images are taken from a photo of the endangered, burnt Banksia Montana. This plant exists in a secret location on the Stirling Ranges in South West Western Australia and is threatened by constant bushfire.  The cockatoos have been created with a solvent transfer. This original ‘print’ it is a one of a kind mixed media artwork on thick, textured, handmade paper.

Size:   A3   Recommended to be framed with the decal edge of the paper revealed

Price:   SOLD  Please contact me if you would like a similar but unique piece of artwork. This artwork is also available as an archival print.