Rushy Point bird hide, Albany

This original drawing of the Rushy Point bird hide in Albany West Australia is from a photo I have taken and is rendered in conte pencil. I have created the textures of the timber, grasses and land formations by first painting the picture in gesso, purposefully making the textures of each aspect to allow the conte pencil to work its magic. There is only one original for sale.

Rushy Point bird hide is located on a tidal mudflat on the north eastern edge of Princess Royal Harbour in Albany, Western Australia It is one of the important shorebird areas in Albany and home to both local and migrating birds. These include pelicans, plovers, stints, terns and more.

Bird lovers can access the hide along a small track through natural vegetation. The long slit window provides a magical view, while information sheets attached to the inside of the hide give all viewers details on what to look for.

I live a short walk away from this bird hide and visit it regularly as the seasons change. My drawing of Rushy Point is from a photo I took on one of my visits. Much of the artwork I produce is inspired by the nature around me, highlighting its beauty and fragility.

As climate change, invasive species and development erode our flora and fauna, I like use my artwork to raise awareness, thus reminding people of the role they can play in ensuring its healthy future.


Size:  A3

Medium:  Conte pencil over gesso on museum board

Price:   $450