Karri Country

The majestic Karri tree – Eucalyptus diversicolour – never ceases to fill us with awe and wonder when we stand in its presence. Reaching as high as 90 mtrs, it is the tallest tree in Western Australia,and one of the tallest trees in the world. The heart of the Karri forest is found near Nannup and Manjimup, through to Pemberton, Walpole and Denmark.

Artist Tony Windburg supplied the beautiful photo, resulting in this ‘drypoint etching’. The etching was done on perspex, with the image scratched out with a ‘needle’ like tool. It took a few hours! The inking process involves pressing the ink into the tiny grooves and then removing the rest meticulously to get the tones. This makes every original print taken from the plate unique.

Size:    A4

Cost:   $150 unframed