Flight to Freedom

Around the world over 690,000 tons of ghost nets and fishing line are never retrieved from the ocean. While organisations large and small are doing what they can to salvage and find ways to recycle this material, our sea life is constantly under threat. In Australia the majority of large nets make their way from northern waters to our north east and north west coastlines.

We can all help in some small way, by picking up discarded fishing material and informing the relevant bodies of washed up nets.

This image shows a water bird escaping the lethal tentacles of a ghost net as it seemingly leaps from the ocean to entrap it.

This original Linocut is on acid free paper, stained with copper sulphate to create the blue background. Each artwork becomes unique as a result of this process. Coloured pencil and gauche has also been used.

$250 unframedĀ  1 of 10 A 3 sized originals available on a variety of papers.