Mixed Media

My mixed media artworks are generally comprised of linocut prints, collagraph prints, drawing, ink, gauche… and stitching. Recently I have also been experimenting with the original printmaking art form of eco dying. This entails using natural material such as leaves and exposing them to a variety of treatments so they they leave their original images on paper.

Mixed media art refers to a visual art form that combines a variety of media in a single artwork. For example, if you draw with ink, then paint over it with watercolors, then add some highlights in coloured pencil – that fits the description of a mixed media artwork.

Mixed media simply means more than one medium is being used in a piece of original artwork. This can also include painting of magazine images, assembled 3D pieces, linocut artworks, ceramics, mosaics and more. However Collage is a specific art term, meaning a piece formed primarily by pieces that are adhered down to a substrate to form a new image.

I make my mixed media artworks in a variety of shapes and sizes, from smaller pieces at 20 cm x 20cm, through to larger pieces of almost a metre wide. A couple of large artworks are available for sale, with one of these being the winner of the Great Southern Art Awards Works on Paper.

A recent original artwork incorporated the assembly of 24 eco dyed art prints, linked together with stitching. The words invited people to ‘Linger in their garden’ while the stitching wove a path through the artwork. This artwork for sale was snapped up as soon as it was finished!

In other mixed media art pieces I have used calligraphy along with wood block printing to create an original art piece.

Unlike my linocut artworks, I often use my mixed media art to tell stories. I incorporate symbolism, colour, and materials that build not just an attractive original art piece, but combine to explore more levels of meaning in the artwork.