So what exactly is a Handmade Book you ask? This term is also used to describe the ‘artist’s book’, and has become now a general term for books that are made by hand, including blank handmade books. A handmade book can have any content – or even none. It can incorporate all forms of construction too. Many constructions on handmade books are absolutely dazzling, incorporating folds, stitching, binding and inserts that would delight the origami expert to the engineer!

Handmade books are often made in the form of blank journals, designed for the owner to fill them with stories, photographs and creative ideas. These can be tiny, fold out, slip into your purse books, or large, hard covered handmade books with paper perfect for drawing or painting.

The possibilities when making or owning a handmade book are unlimited!

My handmade books range also incorporate what is known as an Artist’s Book. An Artist’s book is not only a handmade book, but filled with artwork too. These are really a stand-alone piece of original artwork, designed to be displayed but also interacted with… to pick up and read or muse over. It is a 3D way of appreciating 2D original artwork.

I enjoy incorporating mixed media artwork into my handmade books. Eco dyed pages coupled with words to take you on a journey, or original linocut artwork with coloured pencil and stitching. It is always a challenging part of creating a handmade book to determine what construction method is best suited to not only the material but also the theme of the book.

One handmade book that I have been working on is made from rusted papers. As soon as the papers were created they spoke to me of Australian landscapes, and I knew they had to become a handmade book. My mother, Jo Roberson, is a writer and has created a beautiful prose that describes our Australian landscape. As this handmade book comes together I am finding more and more images hidden in the rusty patterns.

This book also become a printed book, and available for sale. This way everyone can own a little piece of affordable art too.