Art Commissions

For a truely personalised gift nothing beats an original artwork. I can produce for you a wide range of commissioned art pieces ranging from original linocut prints, drawings, handmade books and more.

A Lifetime Tribute in a Book

I was commissioned to produce a book reflecting the life of an 80 year old woman. Her family wanted to honour her as their mother, as a writer, and as a woman who had led a resilient and creative life. Collecting 40 of her pieces of prose and poetry was the first step. Then I produced 12 original linocut prints to illustrate some of these diverse and heartfelt stories. I was able to design the book from beginning to end (my graphic design skills come I handy!), and oversee the professional printing. We printed 100 copies, had an amazing launch and then donated the proceeds of the books sales to a Woman’s health centre. Family and friends received their copies, and many others were able to appreciate the life of this wonderful woman.

Do you have a book in mind? See the Books section in the Portfolio for ideas then Contact me to talk about your ideas… anything is possible.

Your Much Loved Pet

Over the years I have produced numerous commissions of favourite family pets. These are generally produced as original pencil drawings taken from photos. By creating the drawings from photos the likeness is assured, and the process becomes quicker. This means that the cost of these drawings is very affordable. Another favoured addition to these original drawings are dedications and words of meaning. Perhaps a quote, or a piece of poetry, or a special message from owners. These are handwritten onto the drawing, creating a truely original artwork.
Have a look in my Drawings Portfolio for some examples and Contact me if you would like to capture beloved pet in an original drawing.

Original Artist’s Handmade Book

Here is another beautiful way to tell a story, capture a life, or illustrate one on life’s lessons. An artist’s book is handmade and bound, and usually contains images and words. But they can also be designed to hold small photos or artifacts, a sample of fabric, a lock of hair. When you have a handmade book designed and created especially for you then the imagination is unlimited!

Who is the special person in your life that you would bestow with a gift like this? Perhaps your own journey is one that you would dearly like to capture. See the Books section in the Portfolio for some examples.

If you would like to find out more about designing and creating your own handmade book, please contact me. You will be surprised and delighted with the possibilities.

An Original Linocut Print

The versatility of linocut print is amazing, so it lends itself beautifully to the creation of personalised original prints. The uniqueness of the medium means that you can reinterpret a favourite photo – a sunset, a bush scene, your farm gate, or a family member. Linocut printing also enables you to produce multiples of the same image. This means that you can give the prints as gifts to others, knowing that everyone will have an original artwork. Linocut prints can also be coloured by hand, or have a range of ways that colour can be applied.

If this original and unique artwork concept sounds just like you (original and unique!) then contact me and let’s get talking. Also see my Linocut section in the Portfolio for some images and ideas to get you started.